Early on, COVID-19 in Mississippi killed the elderly disproportionally.

 Two distinct COVID-19 epidemics have existed side-by-side: Community and Long Term Care Facility Residents'.

Deaths in the community have grown linearly with time, 5 deaths a day since the Stay-in-Place order (yellow dot). Case determinations have been predominantly community-based, hence the linear pattern seen in the previous tab.

LTCF deaths have accelerated up to a much faster rate - after a short delay. Since the start of the relaxation of Stay-in-Place restrictions (green dot), 8 LTCF residents have died each day, on average.

(Red dots plot the Community COVID-19 deaths, according to the date on the death certificate; the brown are the LTCF Resident deaths. The most recent data points are incomplete counts - the recording of death certificates takes a little time. )

 from ...Numbers 2020/06/07


Deaths of residents of Long Term Care Facilities soon exceeded half the Mississippi COVID-19 deaths.

The first LTCF death was March 21, 2020. Deaths grew as a cubic function of time, and so have caught up - and surpassed - the number of community deaths.

The daily log of LTCF deaths (per death certificates) grows linearly. 

from ...Numbers 2020/06/07  from ...Numbers 2020/06/07


Recognition of this horror led to effective amelioration.

During June, 2020, stringent efforts were put in place to prevent the airborne spread of the virus, leading to a marked decline in the daily death toll.


from ...Numbers 2020/06/07